About Basil Masters

8ft, Flying Kick

Martial Arts: Basil “The White Dragon” Masters, is  one of  the most talented Martial Artist & Actor of today’s times, winning countless martial arts tournaments & championships in many parts of the world in full contact Karate, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Kickboxing & Mix Martial Arts. Mr. Masters holds a 3rd degree black belt in traditional Karate, 1st degree in Tae kwon do, 1st degree sash in Kung Fu as well as many martial arts throughout his life such as Ninjutsue, multiple weapons training, stunt training etc. He also competed in an amater Bodybuilding competition in Sept 2011 , taking home 6th place for the 205lbs lightwheavy weight division. Today he trains and teaches traditional martial arts as well as mixed martial arts ,also known as (MMA).

Entertainment: Masters graduated with a bachelor’s degree in the field of Communication Studies from California State University Los Angeles.

As a member Sag-Aftra and with a IMDB credit. Masters has written/produced/directed/starred and fight-choreographed in two short martial arts action films based on famous video games. The first one is : Metal Gear Blood Brothers, Second one is: Bare Knuckle Streets Of Rage. Currently, he is writing the sequal to his second film, Bare Knuckle Streets of Rage 2. In addition; He has worked in a feature film called Tragedy of A mother and Son as well as several diverse short films expressing his versatility as an Actor. Over the past 6 years Basil Masters has extensively focused on  his acting skills which included completing an acting course with one of Los Angeles’ veteran acting coaches – Sirtoni as well as scenes studying, cold reading,character development and improvisations as well International marketing experience as well as fashion modeling experience in Dubai, U.A.E.

Other Skills:Masters can speak multiple languages such as English ,Japanese, Urdu & Hindi with multiple accents. Basil Masters, welcomes new opportunities in his journey to becoming the next action movie Superstar.

“No matter how many troubles and calamaties bestow upon one throughout his life; the one with the dragon’s soul will always prevail” Basil” The White Dragon” Masters.

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